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How Can One Build Up Google Homepage On Different Web Browsers?

Your choice of Google Home Page says a lot about you behavior, manner, attitude and many more. Much like wallpaper pasted on a desktop screen, it brings a lasting impression about persona to the table. However, unlike a theme, it is designed in such a way which has to retain an element of usefulness.

How do you make Google Homepage? Whether you are a experienced user or completely new to this, what is required from your end is take necessary assistance from certified professionals who are ace at providing right guidance along with proper procedure so that users can easily execute them in a trouble free manner. Here's how to do it on different web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

Set up Your Google Search Homepage on Chrome

  • First off all you need to open Chrome and click on Menu icon which would be appeared in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Once it is done successfully, you are required to select Settings and then scroll down to On Startup option.
  • Afterwards, you have to mark checkbox available next to set of pages or a specific page.
  • Here, you ought to enter into the empty box.

Set up Google Homepage on Microsoft Edge

  • Directly go to Microsoft Edge, open it and click on 'More' icon available in the upper right-hand corner.
  • After that, opt for Settings option and then choose A Specific Page or Pages which will be available in the dropdown menu.
  • In the on-screen box, you need to enter

Set Your Google Homepage Search on Mozilla Firefox

  • Open Firefox and click three horizontal lines where you have to opt for Options.
  • Choose General option which would be available in panel on left-hand side of screen.
  • Directly go to When Firefox starts and choose show homepage.
  • Here, you will be asked to enter into box appeared at the bottom of screen.

Set Your Google Homepage on Safari Web Browser

  • Open Safari and move to Preferences option where you are required to select General tab in new window.
  • After that, you have to go down to Homepage field where you will have to enter

It is well ensured that these steps are proficient in catering to your needs in a proper manner. However, some sorts of technical and non technical problems can be encountered during the course of following cited procedure. In such a critical situation, you are required to take immediate assistance from professionals who are 24/7 available with the required troubleshooting tools and techniques so that they could directly eyeball to eyeball confront almost all sorts of problems in an effective manner. Here, you will be provided with the best feasible solution to your issues, at your doorstep, even at very low cost.

How To Do In Order To Customize Google Search Homepage With Optimum Ease?

Google is without a doubt one of the first thing most people all across the world do open every time they surf over Internet and just. However, Google allows users to make a home page and even customize Google homepage to make it more personal. Doing so will allow them to directly move to those websites you visit the most, without having to enter address in the search box.

Being the fastest loading search engine pages, Google homepage should thank to its minimalistic and user friendly design but it can get a stuck due to some sorts of technical problems and we have to just wait around for Google to retake action in a smooth manner. However, there are many ways one can make proper utilization of to customize the Google home page.

Below is a simple procedure to do so:

Open Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome Web Browser.

Afterwards, type 'Stylus extension' in search bar and hit enter button through keyboard. Besides, you are also allowed to use direct download link for a purpose to download the extension for Firefox or Chrome easily.

Note: the steps we have listed down would be same for both Google Chrome browser and Firefox as well.

Directly go to or off page of Google that you are willing to customize.

Click on Stylus chrome extension which would be appeared on the top right side of browser you are using to browse over the Internet.

A pop-up will be shown on the screen here you have to choose custom styles by tapping on 'Find styles' option.

Doing so will automatically detects the web page and brings a wide variety of pre-built styles to the table.

You can free to opt for any style that you would love to add for web page.

Afterwards, you have to install that style by clicking on it.

Once it is done completely, go back to and then go to the stylus icon where you will be able to see your newly installed skin which is the customize version of your page.

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